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Georgios A. Spyroulias, PhD.
Department of Pharmacy
University of Patras
GR-26504 Patras, GREECE
Tel:    +30.2610.969950 (office)
+30.2610.969951 (terra silico)
+30.2610.969952 (terra vitro)
Fax:    +30.2610.969950
Email:  G.A.Spyroulias@upatras.gr

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J.-H. Agondanou, G.A. Spyroulias, J. Purans, G. Tsikalas, C. Souleau, A. Coutsolelos, S. Benazeth. XAFS Study of Gadolinium and Samarium Bisporphyrinate Complexes.
Inorganic Chemistry, 40, 6088-6096, (2001).
A.K. Boudalis, N. Lalioti, G.A. Spyroulias, C.P. Raptopoulou, A. Terzis, V. Tangoulis, S.P. Perlepes. Tetranuclear iron(III) carboxylate clusters with 1,10-phenanthroline, and 2,2’-bipyridine: a new [Fe44-OHO)(μ-OH)2]7+ core.
J. Chem. Soc., Dalton Transaction, 955-957, (2001)
S. Babajilov, A.G. Coutsolelos, A. Dikiy, G.A. Spyroulias. Intramolecular Dynamics of Asymmetric Lanthanide(III) Porphyrin Sandwich Complexes in Solution.
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 303-306, (2001)
L. Banci, I. Bertini, B. Branchini, P. Hajieva, G.A. Spyroulias, P. Turano. Dimethyl propionate ester heme-containing cytochrome b5: structure and stability.
Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry. 6, 490-503, (2001).
V. Tangoulis, D. Malamatari, G.A. Spyroulias, C.P. Raptopoulou, A. Terzis, D.P. Kessissoglou. An EPR and 1H NMR Active Mixed-Valence Manganese(III/II/III) Trinuclear Compound.
Inorganic Chemistry, 39, 2621-2630, (2000).
L. Banci, I. Bertini, J.G. Huber, G.A. Spyroulias, P. Turano. Solution Structure of reduced horse heart cytochrome c.
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G.A. Spyroulias, C.P. Raptopoulou, D. de Montauzon, A. Mari, R. Poilblanc, A. Terzis, A.G. Coutsolelos. Synhesis and Physicochemical Characterization of Protonated and Deprotonated Forms in Heteroleptic Lanthanide(III), Porphyrinate Double-Deckers. X-Ray Structure of GdIIIH(oep)(tpp) at 298 and 21K.
Inorganic Chemistry, 38, 1683-1696, (1999).
L. Banci, S. Berners-Price, I. Bertini, V. Clementi, C. Luchinat, G.A. Spyroulias, P. Turano. Water-Protein interaction in native and partially unfolded equine cytochrome c.
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D. Deniaud, G.A. Spyroulias, J.-F. Bartolli, P. Battioni, D. Mansuy, C. Pinel, F. Odobel, B. Bujoli. Shape selectivity for alkane hydroxylation with a new class of phosphonate-based heterogenised manganese porphyrins.
New Journal of Chemistry, 901-906, (1998).
L. Banci, I. Bertini, G.A. Spyroulias, P. Turano. The Conformational flexibility of Oxidized Cytochrome c, studied through its interaction with NH3 and at High Temperatures.
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 583-591 (1998).
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