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Georgios A. Spyroulias, PhD.
Department of Pharmacy
University of Patras
GR-26504 Patras, GREECE
Tel:    +30.2610.969950 (office)
+30.2610.969951 (terra silico)
+30.2610.969952 (terra vitro)
Fax:    +30.2610.969950
Email:  G.A.Spyroulias@upatras.gr

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Undergraduate Courses - Department of Pharmacy
  • Informatics (1st semester) ΦΠ-113
  • Biochemistry I (selected topics, 2nd semester) ΦΠ-123
  • Biochemistry II (selected topics, 3rd semester) ΦΠ-212
  • Lab course on General & Analytical Chemistry (3rd sem) ΦΠ-215
  • Organic Spectroscopy  (6th semester) ΦΠ-323
  • Bioinorganic Chemistry – Molecular simulations (8th sem) ΦΠ-428
  • Diploma Thesis (9th & 10th semester) ΦΠ-513/523

Topics Covered

Informatics (ECTS PDU-113): Introduction to operating system basics, internet search and email use, word processing, data analysis and presentation, graphics, etc.

Biochemistry I (ECTS PDU-123): Chapters 3, 4/NMR & 7. Amino acids and proteins. Conformational features of polypeptides,  structural studies of peptides & proteins by NMR, Sequence analysis/alignment.

Biochemistry II (ECTS PDU1212): Chapters 24 & 25. Biosynthesis of amino acids and nucleotides, enzymes involved and intermediate products.

Lab course on General & Analytical Chemistry (ECTS PDU-215): Qualitative Inorganic analysis: I,II,III and IV cation groups, anions, buffers and complex ions. Quantitative Inorganic analysis: sampling, sample treatment accuracy and precision, gravimetric analysis, titrimetric analysis, analytical and volumetric instruments, techniques and reagents.

Organic Spectroscopy – Instrumental Analysis (ECTS PDU-323): Chapter 19. Basics on Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (spectra assignment and structure determination). Application of NMR to uqlitative analysis of organic molecules and biomolecules

Bioinorganic Chemistry – Molecular simulations (ECTS PDU-428): Protein Architecture and classes of protein structures and folding types. Protein folding and plasticity. Protein structure prediction and experimental determination. Training courses in Biomolecular simulations

Diploma Thesis (ECTS PDU-513/523)
: Laboratory or Literature work on topics that are among the research interests of the lab, such as NMR spectra analysis and structure calculations of peptides and proteins, protein overexpression, isolation and characterization, biomolecular simulations and design of new bioactive molecules, SAR studies etc. See more