"FP7-REGPOT-2011-1. Capacities - Research Potential" (European Union), "SEE-DRUG: Establishment of Centre of Excellence for Structure-Based Drug Target Characterization: Strengthening the Research Capacity of South-Eastern Europe ", Coordination & Support Actions, Contract Νο CSA-285950, 2012-2015.
“FP7-INFRA-2008-1.1.1. Capacities – Research Infrastructures” (European Uninion), University of Patras, PI, Integrated Activities, Contract Νο CP-CSA-Infra-228461, “Enhancing Access and Services To East European users towards an efficient and coordinated pan-European pool of NMR capacities to enable global collaborative research and boost technological advancements”, 2009-2012.
“FP7-HEALTH-2007-2.1.1-5. Structure-function analysis of membrane-transporters and channels for the identification of potential drug target sites.”, ‘Neurotrasmitter Cys-loop receptors: structure, function and disease (NeuroCypress)’ CP-Collaborative Project, Univ. of Patras, 2008-2012.
“FP6-2005-LIFESHEALTH. Life Sciences, genomics & biotechnology for health", "Applied Venomics of the Cone Snail Species Conus Consors for the Accelerated, Cheaper, Safer and More Ethical Production of Innovative Biomedical Drugs (CONCO)". ContractNo 037592. Univ. of Patras, 2005-2010
Marie Curie Research Grant - Contract No : HPMF-CT-1999-00344. “NMR Structural Studies of Chemically Modified c-Cytochromes as a probe of Protein Folding Pathways”, 2000-2001, University of Patras, Department of Pharmacy, Patras, GREECE.
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