Postgraduate Courses - Department of Pharmacy
  • Chemistry of Amino acids, peptides & proteins ΦΜ-Β04
  • Design of Drugs & Drug Candidates ΦΜ-Β07
  • Conformational studies of bio-macromolecules ΦΜ-Δ09
  • Protein Biochemistry ΦΜ-Δ10

Topics Covered

Chemistry of Amino acids, peptides & proteins (ECTS PDG-B04): Synthesis of α-amino acids. Biodegradation of the amino acids. Chemical synthesis of peptides. Some specific peptides of interest. The biosynthesis of proteins. Structure determination of proteins and polypeptides. Polypeptide conformation.

Design of Drugs & Drug Candidates (ECTS PDG-B07): Modern approaches and tools in drug design and drug discovery, Pharmacomodulation, Enzymes as targets of drug design, Chemistry, Computer aided Drug Design, Structural Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Combinatorial chemistry.

Conformational studies of bio-macromolecules (ECTS PDG-D09): Application of Xray crystallography, NMR Spectroscopy and Mass Spectroscopy in atomic level analysis of protein structures, sample preparation, techniques used, data acquisition and analysis.

Protein Biochemistry (ECTS PDG-D10): Advanced techniques in protein expression, isolation and characterization. Structural and functional studies and role of enzyme and proteins in a variety of diseases (cancer, HIV, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmunity, etc.)