The wet biology lab is well-equipped for protein expression or recombinant proteins in a variety of cloning and expression vectors and Esceserichia Coli series, equipped with all the appropriate reagents and apparatus for over-expression, labeling (in 2H, 13C and 15N) isolation/purification and characterization of recombinant proteins for NMR structural studies: (a) Millipore Direct Q3-UV Reagent grade water system equipped with a dual wavelength UV lamp (b) 96-well MyCycler thermal cycler (PCR), (c) Minitron Refrigerated Incubation Shaker, (d) two refrigeratedĀ  centrifuges, for small (24x1ml) and large volumes (6x100ml), (Īµ) peristaltic pumps for column chromatography and a variety for different columns (Hi-Trap, GST-Trap. Etc.), (f) Classic electrophoresis system and Experion automated gel electrophoresis system for analysis of RNA, DNA and protein samples using patented Lab-On-Chip technology, (g) Analytical Balances, and others.