SEE-DRUG Project
  • Recently, our group coordinated a NMR-oriented proposal, with other research teams from the Department of Pharmacy at University of Patras (UPAT) and the participation of groups from Medicine, Chemistry and Biology departments. This proposal has been successfully evaluated and granted with a FP7 Research Potential fund. The project aims to upgrade the Structural Biology capacities of UPAT and to the establishment of a Center of Excellence for Structure-Based Drug Design efforts in South-Eastern EU region; the SEE-DRUG project. Through this grant it is anticipated the installation of a high-field 700 MHz, NMR instrument in 2012, optimized for Biomolecular NMR applications. This instrument will be the highest NMR field in Greece, and one of the highest in the entire Eastern EU region.
  • SEE-DRUG's Major Aim is to strengthen and broaden the scientific reach and socio-economic impact of the University of Patras (UPAT) through the creation of a Regional Centre of Excellence for Structural Biology that emphasizes the characterization and development of bioactive molecules with therapeutic potential.
  • SEE-DRUG takes advantage of UPAT's pivotal strength and growth potential of Structural Biology and combines it with high-quality, multidisciplinary scientific expertise in Chemistry, Pharmacology, Biology & Bioinformatics. The SEE-DRUG project will enable: (a) the Protein Production group to efficiently produce and characterize protein drug-targets for structural analysis and drug development efforts, (b) the Structural Biology group to perform high-resolution structure determination, through time- and cost-effective NMR-based, cutting-edge techniques, and (c) the Pharmacology group to characterize lead therapeutic molecules in a comprehensive array of in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo systems.
  • Finally, such a state-of-the-art Centre will create a number of positions for highly skilled scientists and thus enhance scientific and economic growth both at a local and at a regional level, which will hopefully be sustained for years to come.

More info is available soon at the SEE-DRUG website.