Internal Networks of University of Patras:

1. “ΜΕΤSNET: A network for the study of the molecular mechanisms implicated in various factors of Metabolic Syndrome” - Program No C.766
 2.  “Network  for the development and biological Evaluation of potent anti-inflamatory and anti-microbial pharmaceutical products” - Program No C.787
 3. “PHARMANET: Network of Structural and Functional Studies of Molecules with Pharmaceutical value” - Program No C.851.


“K.  Karatheodori” Research Grant, ‘NMR Structural Study of HDM2 & HDMX Ring Finger Domains, regulators of tumor-suppressor protein p53’– Program No C.181, 2007-2010, University of Patras.


“K. Karatheodori” Research Grant, ‘Structure-Function Relationship of the blood pressure regulating factors through NMR conformational studies of molecular complexes of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme catalytic sites with vassoactive peptides’, 2001-2003, University of Patras.